Total Connect Help Guide “Set Up”

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Total Connect Help Guide “Set Up”

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Total Connect™ 2.0 FAQs
Which browsers will Total Connect 2.0 support?
Total Connect 2.0 will work with most popular Internet browsers for a PC or Mac. (i.e. Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

What products are Total Connect 2.0 compatible with (control panels/AlarmNet communicators)?
We have created a compatibility chart that can provide you with this information.
Q) Can I upgrade from Total Connect 1.0 to Total Connect 2.0?
A) Yes. Previously installed VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P panels require a panel firmware and communicator upgrade. Then, a change needs to be made in AlarmNet Direct to use Total Connect 2.0 for the account.
Q) How many event notifications can be setup?
A) There is no limit to the amount of notifications that can be set up.
Q) Can I get notifications by user or by zone?
A) Yes. Notifications can be set up to alert you when a user arms or disarms the security system, accesses the 2.0 website or by individual zones.

Q) How is the dashboard customized?
A) The dashboard is customizable based on what the end-user wants to see when they first log in. To customize the login, select the dashboard and drag it to the desired location on the main page.
Q) Are multi-site applications supported?
A) Yes. Up to 100 sites can be accessed from one login.Total Connect™ 2.0 FAQs
Q) Are multiple partition systems supported?
A) In the initial release, partition identifications are not supported.
Q) What is the cost for the service?
A) The cost for the service will remain the same as Total Connect 1.0
Q) What mobile apps will be supported?
A) The new Total Connect 2.0 app will initially be available for the iPhone®. An app for both BlackBerry® and Android™ .
Q) How are event notifications setup?
A) Relay programming is no longer used for notifications with Total Connect 2.0, which now makes notification a simple four-step process.

  • Step 1: From the “Events” dashboard click on Notifications.
  • Step 2: Click the “Security” icon.
  • Step 3: Click the tab for the event you would like to be notified of.
  • Step 4: Select the “Zone” type.
  • Step 5: To complete select where the notification is going to be sent.Total Connect™ 2.0

How do I add/delete users? Creating a new user is a simple four-step process.


  • Step 1: Click the “Add User” button
  • Step 2: Enter the users information.
  • Step 3: Add their

    e-mail address and

    select e-mail format.

  • Step 4: Enter the panel access credentials then click save.

How is a Total Connect 2.0 account set up in 
AlarmNet Direct?

Total Connect 2.0 setup is done through AlarmNet Direct in three steps.

  • Step 1: Click on “Program New Device”.
  • Step 2: Program AlarmNet communication device
  • • Enter account information
  • • Enter device I.D.
  • • Enable Total Connect
  • • Select “Total Connect 2”
  • • Then click “Done”

Step 3: Create the end-users
• Enter username
• Enter account name
• Enter e-mail address
• Then click “Submit”
• An e-mail will be sent to the user


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