Flooding and Your Fire Alarm System

//Flooding and Your Fire Alarm System

Flooding and Your Fire Alarm System

Over the past week, Calgary’s river system rose an unprecedented amount resulting in the closure of inner-city roads and buildings.

As longtime citizens of this beautiful city we watched in horror as the river swept through the downtown core and poured into the parkades and lower levels of our client’s buildings.  Luckily thanks to the swift action of our city officials, there wasn’t a single life lost in Calgary.

The property damage on the other hand was unprecedented.  Fire alarm  and card access systems that we had installed and maintained with pride for years were completely submerged in water.  The camera systems that once dutifully monitored parkade crime began to record their last frame.   Even with the power shut off to many of the affected buildings, the damage to the wiring and circuitry of most fire and security devices is estimated to be costly.

As the city began to return to its normal routine, we have been inundated with service calls for fire alarm panel troubles and ground fault issues.  We are committed to helping our clients get their buildings back online and their safety systems functioning correctly.  We are doing our absolute best to assist all the buildings that require our attention and we appreciate our client’s patience during this difficult time.

This is our city and we look forward to returning it to a state of exception safety and security in coordination with our clients.

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