False Alarms in St Albert

False Alarms

When an alarm system generates four false alarms within a period of twelve months, the alarm permit co-ordinator will suspend the alarm system permit for a period of three months.

An application for reinstatement, along with an application fee of $30, is required before the permit will be reinstated.

If the response fee is not paid within 30 days of receipt of the notice indicating that the Edmonton Police Service responded to a false alarm at the permit holder’s residence or business, the alarm system permit is terminated.

Helpful False Alarm Reduction Tips

  • Please be aware that key Fob’s in pockets & purses, quite often get pressed in error causing false alarms.
  • Don’t allow your infants to play with your keys, as they may set off a PANIC ALARM from your key Fob.
  • Ensure that if you give someone your Home or Business key, you give them your ALARM CODE.
  • Teach everyone in the home or Business how to use the alarm.
  • If your ALARM is set off in error CALL YOUR ALARM COMPANY ASAP to let them know it was an error.
  • If your telephone rings after you have set your alarm off by accident, ANSWER IT, it may be your alarm company trying to verify that everything is ok at your Home or Business.
  • Most importantly KEEP YOUR CONTACT NUMBERS UP TODATE WITH YOUR ALARM COMPANY. (Cells, work numbers, key holder information).

Fees for police response to false alarms:

  • Residence $75.00
  • Business (total area of building, structure, or facility protected by the alarm system up to and including 500 square meters [5380 square feet]) $100.00
  • Business (total area of building, structure, or facility protected by the alarm system is more than 500 square meters [5380 square feet]) $150.00
    • False Alarm in a Commercial or other type of building or property over 500 square metres in size + GST
    3. What happens if the response fee is not paid?
    Payment is requested within 30 days of the incident as per Section 9(b) of the Alarm Systems Bylaw. If this amount is not paid, your alarm permit will be revoked. If your alarm permit is revoked and your system is activated, you will be issued a ticket under Section 4 of the Alarm Systems Bylaw for using an alarm without a permit. This carries a specified penalty of $300.
    4. What is the process for reinstatement of the alarm permit?
    A permit may be reinstated upon application and payment of any outstanding response fees and the $320 reinstatement fee.
    5. What happens if there are more than two (2) false alarms?
    If your alarm system generates three (3) or more false alarms within a six (6) month period, your alarm permit will be revoked (as per Section 9(a) of the Alarm Systems Bylaw). See above for reinstatement procedures.
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