False Alarms Sherwood Park and Strathcona County

Alarm Permit


Alarm systems require registration
Alarms in homes, businesses and other buildings must be registered with Strathcona County Enforcement Services. For details, see Bylaw 31-2008, the Alarm Systems Bylaw.

  • A one-time fee of $30 will apply to register an alarm. The registration is non-transferable when the property title is changed or the resident moves within Strathcona County. If a property owner has not registered and the RCMP respond to a false alarm, the owner may be fined $300.
  • If there are two false alarms attended by the RCMP – the property owner will receive a written warning.  Should there be a third false alarm attended by the RCMP – the property owner will be charged a response fee. ( $75.00 for a residence, $100.00 for a commercial building up to 500 square meters and $150.00 for a building over 500 square meters.) If the RCMP respond to three (3) false alarms within a six month period, the alarm permit will be revoked, and the property owner is subject to a $300.00 fine and in addition the property owner will be required to re-register the alarm at a fee of $30.00.
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