Medical Marijuana Security: “Grow-OP”

Recent medical marijuana laws in Canada and some areas of Grow-OP’s have created a new line of business. Today, special dispensary operations in areas, which have approved marijuana for medical purposes, are the only legal outlets to gain access to marijuana after receiving a prescription from a physician.

Many of these new marijuana dispensary businesses are just organizing their operations and identifying their security needs. In truth, marijuana security is very complex, and on par with security needs of banks, laboratories, and other facilities, which must guard high volumes of cash or sensitive products or information.

Since medical marijuana security is a brand new field, dispensaries should seek advice and solutions from proven security experts. As a trusted security solution provider for over two decades, TRi-D-FX  is bringing our deep security know-how to the emergent medical marijuana industry. We have all the solutions you need to protect against a physical break-in at your facility or virtual security compromise over your information networks. TRi-D-FX offers a comprehensive suite of security products, such as access control and closed circuit television (CCTV) to safeguard your facility, along with fire, and Intrusion integration to protect your assets.

At TRi-D-FX , we couple our decades of security knowledge with in-depth understanding of the specific needs of the medical marijuana industry. We have specific expertise in Medical Marijuana Production Security, medical marijuana security clearances, and the Marijuana for Medical Purpose Regulations (MMPR) in Canada to help you establish and grow your dispensary operations.

Each marijuana security project starts with a complete assessment of your site and operations so that we can design the right security solution to meet your needs and business goals. We work collaboratively with you to identify your potential risks, shape a risk management strategy, and implement the best solutions for your marijuana dispensary.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Facility Access Control – ID cards, key fobs, card readers  to let you manage and monitor access to your facility, including limiting access to sensitive areas by authorized personnel.
  • CCTV –a system of interior and exterior cameras positioned to record data at any time, day or night, to protect your employees, your products, and your financial integrity.
  • Security Systems – detect and report critical events such as break-in, fire or floods to our 24-hour monitoring station. A properly designed security system will help protect your team and your assets even in the face of physical danger.
  • Fire panel integration. – A monitored fire alarm system to complete your protective umbrella.

Whether you need a single security solution to start or a more comprehensive approach, TRi-D-FX has the expert knowledge to address the complex needs of your medical marijuana operations. We have a long history of staying ahead of security trends and bringing innovative excellence to our customers to satisfy their evolving requirements as they grow. Today, we offer the best in physical security solutions along with top-quality information technology integration services.TRi-D-FX also works with industry professionals on security technologies integration

The medical marijuana industry is changing rapidly. With security solutions from TRi-D-FX, you can trust that your future is secure.