Install of Door Locks

TRi-D-FX only uses trained locksmiths for our installs:

Working in Alberta

To work as a locksmith in Alberta, a person must:

  • hold a valid security workers license under the Alberta Security Service and Investigators Act (SSIA).
  • be a registered apprentice, an Alberta-certified journeyperson, or hold a valid recognized credential.

Individuals possessing a valid recognized credential in Alberta are eligible to receive a Blue Seal business credential after completing the necessary requirements.

Apprenticeship Training

The term of apprenticeship for a locksmith is 4 years (four 12-month periods) including a minimum of 1560 hours of on-the-job training and 8 weeks of technical training each year.

  • An applicant who previously completed courses of study or work experience related to the Locksmith trade or holds a related journeyperson certificate and has the employer’s recommendation, may qualify for credit that could reduce the term of apprenticeship. Inquiries about credit for previously completed courses of study or work experience can be directed to an apprentice representative at any Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office.
  • A person who has previous training or work experience in the trade and wants to determine their level of skill and knowledge for entry or advanced standing in an apprenticeship program may complete the Prior Learning Assessment Online Application.  For more information, see the Prior Learning Assessment Guide.
  • A high school student can become an apprentice and gain credits toward apprenticeship training and a high school diploma at the same time under the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).

To learn the skills required of a locksmith in Alberta and be issued an Alberta Journeyman Certificate, a person must:

  • satisfy the entrance requirements or pass the entrance exam (see Entrance Level Competencies, Exam Counselling Sheet,Entrance Exam Study Guide, and Entrance Exam Support Materials List)
  • find a suitable employer who is willing to hire and train an apprentice
    Most employers prefer to hire high school graduates and may select apprentices from among their current employees.
  • complete the online Apprenticeship Application and Contract
  • pay the non-refundable application fee as part of the application process
  • complete the required on-the-job training
    – during on-the-job training, apprentice locksmiths earn at least 60 percent of the journeyperson wage rate in their place of employment in the first year, 70 percent in the second, 80 percent in the third, and 90 percent in the fourth year.
    – apprentices are required to provide their own tools, individuals can expect to spend between $500 to $1,000. Most shops supply major specialized tools.
  • complete all program requirements as identified in the course outline
  • enroll in technical training
    – select an educational institution that offers training for Locksmith apprentices, and a time to attend training
    – determine requirements for enrolling at the selected institution, and forward completed enrollment form to the selected institution
  • review books and materials required for training
  • successfully complete all required exams

When apprentices attend technical training, they are required to pay the applicable tuition fee and purchase course supplies.

Grants, scholarships and other financial assistance may be available. For more information contact an Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office.