How to Get Started with an Existing Home Alarm System- Tip Sheet

For recent home buyers, purchasing a new home with an existing alarm system can be valuable, if the system is properly activated. The home security professionals at TRi-D-FX created a list of tips to help homeowners get started using an existing alarm system. For recent home buyers who are lucky

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IP vs. Analog — Video Security: Which is better for me?

If you’re thinking about installing a new video surveillance system, then you have to decide between an IP or analog video format. The intent of this article is to provide some information and perspective that will help you in making that choice. What is an analog video security system? Cameras

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Why You Should Have a Home Security Alarm System

lock security

Home security alarm systems are a necessary evil in today’s society. Years ago one could leave their doors unlocked and their windows open in the summer. These days, any open window on the first floor of your home is begging for a robber to jump through. There are several reasons

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16 Technologies to Fortify Your House During the Holidays

You need your house to feel safe over the holidays, whether you’re heading out of town, or staying home to host family between turkey time and New Year’s Eve. That’s where technology can help. Here’s a look at the essential items to consider when you’re defending your castle any holiday.

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Basic Programming DSC 1616/1632/1832

Set time and date    *6 1234 1 HHMM MMDDYY ## How do I change my master code? Follow the input sequence below. Only the master code will work for this. This is time sensitive; you will need to push a button every second all the way through the sequence.

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Flooding and Your Fire Alarm System

Over the past week, Calgary’s river system rose an unprecedented amount resulting in the closure of inner-city roads and buildings. As longtime citizens of this beautiful city we watched in horror as the river swept through the downtown core and poured into the parkades and lower levels of our client’s

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Total Connect Help Guide “Set Up”

Total Connect website: Android App Apple App Total Connect™ 2.0 FAQs Which browsers will Total Connect 2.0 support? Total Connect 2.0 will work with most popular Internet browsers for a PC or Mac. (i.e. Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox). What products are Total Connect 2.0 compatible with (control panels/AlarmNet communicators)? We

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Changing Time on a Honeywell Vista 15, 20, 21,etc

To CHANGE the system TIME/DATE 1. Enter your 4-digit MASTER code 2. Press [#] then [6] then [3] 3. Press [*] when the time/date is displayed. A cursor will appear in the first digit of the hour (To move ahead, press [*], backwards [#] 4. Enter the 2 Digit hours setting,

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Change time on DSC 9047

 Changing the time and date requires the master code, or the code that was provided to the system owner at the time of installation.   Press the [#] key twice to clear any previous keystrokes Press [*] [6] [Master Code] to enter user programming Keypad should beep 6 times for correct

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Vivint. Inc. APX Alarm Problems / Issues

From the BBB THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED Vivint, Inc. (Headquarters) ! There is an alert for this business ! On a scale of A+ to FReason for RatingBBB Ratings System Overview