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Adding a lock into Lyxn 5210 and 7000

Adding a lock into Lyxn 5210 and 7000

Learn the lock in via the Automation Icon:

-Add new scene, name and save.

-Click add new device, select the lock, in its arm away then make sure the icon shows locked

-Back all the way out to home screen

-Click the Automation Icon

-Select Scenes , Add new scene, name it and save

-Click Add new device,  select the lock, if you want to unlock click lock icon to show open/unlocked

save and back out all the way to home screen

-Select automation icon

-Select Rule 1, name it lock, Scene should say lock, Type should be scene, Action should be run scene, System option should be arm away save

-Select Rule 2, name is unlock, Scene is unlock, Type is scene, Action is run scene, System operation is disarm

In the master menu:

Select the master code and then the user

Make sure Z-wave is showing yes and that Z-wave unlocking door says Disarm Click SAVE

The keypad code must match the user code for the panel !!!!!


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