If you access the Internet from a shared computer, make sure you don’t leave anything behind

Being able to access the Internet from different locations — the library, a computer lab at school, an Internet cafe — is a great convenience, but it can also pose a security risk to personal information. If you do access the Internet from a shared computer, here are a few things you need to remember.

  1. Don’t check the “remember my password” box.
  2. When you’re done, make sure you log off completely by clicking the “log off” button before you walk away.
  3. If possible, clear the browser cache and history.
  4. Never leave the computer unattended while you’re logged in.
  5. Trash all documents you used, and empty the recycle bin.

Lock it when you leave it

Never leave your computer logged in when you walk away, not even for a minute. Make it a habit to log off your workstation whenever you get up. Remember to always leave your Windows computer by pressing the keyboard shortcut combination of the Windows logo key and the letter “L” on a Microsoft natural keyboard. Get it? Leave Windows by pressing the Windows logo + L keys together to lock it up.