Warranties 2016-01-27T16:29:29+00:00

Warranty as stated at time of purchase on hardware only.


Policy is if the hardware if not working correctly we have two ways to handle this.

1– The customer can package the hardware and ship it to TRi-D-FX. It is then sent to the manufacturer and it is repaired and sent back to the customer either via TRi-D-Fx or directly depending on the manufacturer.

2– TRi-D-FX pays a visit at the time of a scheduled appointment in which case the hardware is covered but travel, fuel, hotels, etc, and time on site are not covered.


All appointments from install to service and anytime cost TRi-D-FX time, fuel, and other expenses that must be covered and is the only way for TRi-D-FX to remain viable to service customers in the future.

***Please note that all devices once sold are sold there are no returns as we cannot resell used equipment.
All warranties are from the manufacture and not warrantied by TRi-D-FX.